Happy Holidays from Our Animal Stars!

Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season is upon us, we all reflect on what we are grateful for. Staff, team members, and visitors to SeaQuest are something we genuinely value and look forward to seeing many more of you in 2021!  But we are most thankful for the love and joy our animal family at SeaQuest brings to millions of guests each year!  They bring such happiness and meaning to so many people, young and old, and it’s easy to see how they open the hearts of everyone! Bringing peace and positivity to you and your family this year, here are some fun seasons greetings from the animal stars at SeaQuest locations around the country!

Snowflake Greetings!

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Birds may fly South for the winter, but our cockatoos are happy to bring you warm winter wishes and snowflake dreams this December!  

Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Visiting Santa may look a little different this year, but he’s still keeping a naughty and nice list!  Here’s Bruce the Shark stopping by to say to Mr. Claus in the Mall! 

Santa also stopped by to say Hi! to our Honey, our fun-loving kinkajou!  She’s been a pretty good girl this year, so she asked Santa for lots of sweet treats for Christmas!

Run, Run Rudolph!

Well, he may not be flying Santa’s sleigh this year because we all know pigs can’t fly!  But here’s one of our cuties channeling his inner Rudolph!  No red nose, though we couldn’t find one big enough for him!

Don’t Forget the Presents!

Are you still shopping for last-minute presents??  Stop by any gift shop at your nearest SeaQuest location for holiday gift options!  Not only are passes and gift cards available, but various merchandise and apparel items are abundant in our gift shop storefronts.

Certain locations may be temporarily closed due to CoVid restrictions, but each site’s gift shop is still open for retail sales. Visit the SeaQuest website for hours of operation in your area. 

From our zoo aquarium family to yours, we wish you a season of joy and peace!  Happy Holiday greetings from the animals (and humans) at SeaQuest!

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Best Stocking Stuffer to Spoil Your Fur Baby!

Christmas will be here before we know it!  For most people, their beloved fur babies are more than just pets – they’re family! Don't forget about them when it comes to giving gifts this Holiday season!  Show them a little love with a special treat or a toy! You don't have to spend a fortune but it keeps them from feeling left out on Christmas morning. Whether your special pet is a dog, cat, bird, ferret, or guinea pig --  we have the perfect stocking stuffer gift ideas just for them! 

  1. Dog or Cat Toys

Kids aren't the only ones who get excited to receive new toys for Christmas! Try giving your dog a new squeaky ball, frisbee, or chew toy so they too can enjoy the fun on Christmas morning. Pet stores are packed with holiday-themed toys to keep playtime festive. And like dogs, cats will enjoy seeing a new shiny toy left in their stocking! Maybe buy your feline friend a new red dot teaser toy, crinkle mouse, or jingle ball. If you really want to give your cat a fun game, buy a challenging toy – perfect for stuffing with a tasty treat!  

  1. New Leash or Collar

Give your animal a festive look with a new leash or collar!  Shop for fun holiday designs and colors. They will enjoy getting spruced up and fancy for the holidays along with the rest of the family. Even a new walking or running leash will be a great stocking stuffer gift. Let your dog or cat rock their Christmas collar while you showcase your Christmas sweater fashion!

  1. Bandanas and Sweaters

Is your furry friend a fashionista? Does your pet get cold or have to wear clothes for other reasons?  Or are you the pet parent who thinks it’s cute to dress them up? Stuff their stocking with a new outfit! You can shop for fun holiday attire online – just make sure to snap a quick pic of the new outfit before your pet scampers off in her new duds. Get your best buds outfitted for New Year’s Eve with a cheerful bandana for their neck!  Some dog and cat lovers prefer the bandana look over a collar, and this is the perfect time of year to stock up with new duds!

  1. Tunnels and Tubes 

Ferrets love tunnels. Hamsters and Guinea pigs like fun play tubes!  There’s a great variety of fun options for new play pieces just for the little fur babies running around! And they fit perfectly into a pet stocking. Ferrets are known to run crazy in crinkle tunnels! They have the advantage of making irresistible noises when your ferret runs through them. 

  1. Puzzle and Forage Toys

Highly intelligent creatures, birds are excellent pet companions!  This holiday season, take the time to nurture your relationship with your pet bird by filling their stocking with special gifts that can bring you closer together!  Foraging toys are a fun choice to mentally and physically engage your bird by recreating a foraging environment in their cage. Puzzle toys are also a great educational option that can occupy your bird's time and help stimulate their minds. These types of toys for birds can be placed in a stocking made out of paper or shreddable material. Birds love to shred and chew - the crunch sound of the paper will keep them entertained on Christmas morning! 

  1. Holiday Themed Treats!

Show your fur babies some extra love this Christmas in the form of special holiday treats. We all love to indulge in seasonal favorites during the holiday season, so why should your pets be any different? Santa gets cookies, you get cookies, and now your dog can get festive cookies, too!  Here's an assorted collection of special holiday treats ideas that would be great for stuffing their stockings!

Remember to include your furry loved ones in the Christmas celebrations this year! If you’re hanging a stocking for your pet by the chimney with care this holiday season, make sure to fill it with a variety of toys and treats your pets will love!

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