World’s Largest Octopus at SeaQuest

World’s Largest Octopus at SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada:

Weighing in at 110 pounds and measuring between 10 to 16 feet, the Giant Pacific Octopus is the world’s largest octopus! Octavis, the ocean giant, joined us at SeaQuest Las Vegas almost three years ago! Octavius is a Giant Pacific Octopus, which is also known as an Enteroctopus dofleini and is an invertebrate (just like the Sea Star that you can also see at SeaQuest Folsom, California).

Next time you visit SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada make sure to visit Octavius during feeding time and get the chance to hand-feed his crayfish!

Check out some of our interesting facts about the Giant Pacific Octopus so you are “well-armed” for visiting us at SeaQuest!



Come see us and Octavius at SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about the Giant Pacific Octopus! 

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