The Sad Truth of Shark Finning

Sharks are the apex predator in oceans around the world. For many species of shark including tiger sharks, blue sharks, and mako sharks, they only have one predator - humans. Unfortunately, shark populations are struggling to survive because of the stress humans place on them. With their slow rate of reproduction, small litters, and how susceptible they are to changing ocean conditions— many shark species are struggling to survive. 

Shark populations are also declining due to bad fishing practices, so many countries have begun to place bans into effect to help defend them. In some places, such as Congo-Brazzaville, all shark fishing is banned. In other places like Gambia, South Africa, and Sierra Leone, shark finning is illegal. Shark finning is the horrific practice of catching a shark to take just its fins. 



When fishermen and poachers catch sharks for their fins, they are not kind. The shark’s fins are cut off while they are still alive. Then, the living animal is thrown overboard and back into the ocean. Without their fins, the shark can not swim and from significant blood loss. Sharks need to swim to breathe, the process of swimming allows them to pump oxygen-rich water through their gills and respiratory system. Unfortunately, that means that these animals die on the ocean floor from either suffocation or blood loss. 

During the finning process, their bodies are thrown back overboard because the meat of the shark itself is not financially worth a lot compared to the price of the fins. By not keeping the whole shark, shark finners can catch and collect more fins before returning to port, earning them more money. 


Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin soup is a popular dish in Chinese culture. Traditionally, the dish was served by Chinese Emperors. When it was first developed in ancient China, it was viewed as a luxury dish and was often served as a way to impress guests during celebrations such as weddings, banquets, and critical business deals. The dish was a way to communicate power, wealth, and prestige while showing respect, honor, and appreciation to the guests. 

In Chinese culture, shark fin is believed to enhance skin quality, increase energy, improve low cholesterol, and prevent heart disease. However, recent studies have shown that eating shark increases your chance of getting certain conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and heavy metal poisoning.


Facts About Shark Finning

Shark Finning is a brutal process that needs to be stopped, not just for the cruelty that is placed upon the animals, but for the survival of shark species. DNA tests have been done on shark fins for sale and it has been found that some fins commonly traded have come from threatened and highly endangered species, such as thresher sharks or hammerhead sharks. If something isn’t done soon, we could lose these magnificent animals once and for all.

If you’ve never had the spectacular opportunity to see a shark in person, SeaQuest Folsom, California is a great place to meet one. If you’re looking to learn more about sharks, the Blacktip Reef Shark is a magnificent place to start. 

The dangers of shark finning.

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A Family Destination Sure To Please

Is your family bored at home? If so, it might just be time to set out an adventure! SeaQuest Folsom, California is the perfect destination. With fish, reptiles, mammals, and even amphibians, there’s a creature here that’s sure to fascinate everyone.


Family Outings With Toddlers

Going on a family outing with a toddler can be a difficult proposition. At SeaQuest Folsom, California, we have plenty of ways to keep your toddler entertained throughout the day. We have a variety of amazing animals to see, and walking around SeaQuest is like taking a trip around the world! Toddlers — and even adults — are sure to love watching the various animals as they go about their day. 

Our facility isn’t just a great place to watch the animals! We have a wide variety of animals you can get up close with. Our interactive exhibits have something for people of every age, from hand-feeding sharks in the Shark Lagoon to interacting with flocks of friendly birds in the Mayan Jungle. 


Fun Kids Activities

Even the most fun experience can be made educational, and what better example is there than at SeaQuest Folsom, California? There are tons of fun activities for your family at SeaQuest, but one game that always seems to be a winner is the ABC Scavenger hunt!

In the ABC Scavenger Hunt, kids have to find one animal whose name starts with every letter of the alphabet. For example, African Clawed Frogs, Ball Python, and California Round Rays could be the animals for ABC. Some of the letters will be very tricky to get, in those cases you might want to take a look at the scientific names of the animals. There may even be some animals whose name starts with the letter you’re looking for so make sure to keep a close eye out!


Other Fun Games To Play At SeaQuest Folsom, California

Not convinced we’re the perfect family destination yet? Why not learn more about some of the inhabitants that call our facility home! The Blacktip Reef Shark will captivate everyone who sees this amazing predator. If you’re looking to get hands-on with a scaly friend, the Iguana might just be what you’re looking for.

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Searching for Aquariums Near Me?

If you’re on the hunt for some family fun, an aquarium might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend some time with the family or a chance for you to learn all about wildlife and the ocean, we’ve got you covered at SeaQuest Folsom, California. 


Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, What More Could You Ask For? 

SeaQuest isn’t just home to a variety of spectacular fish. While our tanks may hold some incredible fish species like the Blacktip Reef Shark; birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals also call our facility home.

Visiting the birds in our aviary is a truly magical experience. With their beautiful calls and the way they flutter about, watching the charming little birds is something your whole family will adore. As if getting to interact with them wasn’t amazing enough, you can also feed the lovable little critters.


Cool Things To Do With Kids At The Aquarium

Exploring all the ecosystems available is an adventure in itself At SeaQuest, you can do more than just look at the anima, get up close and personal! From snorkeling with stingrays to interacting with Lorikeets, there are plenty of chances to get hands-on time with a variety of animals. 

One of the most fun things you can do at an aquarium is a scavenger hunt. With a great list of animals and sights to see, the family is guaranteed to be kept on their toes as you explore SeaQuest Folsom, California. Unsure what should be on your scavenger hunt checklist? Check out the list we’ve put together below and let us know how it goes!


Family Scavenger Hunt Ideas

We hope to see you here at SeaQuest Folsom, California soon, but if you need even more reasons to come take a look at some of the fantastic creatures who call our place home. Marina the Mermaid is sure to fascinate your family with her “bubble”y personality. If you’re looking for a chance to meet a real star, the sea stars at SeaQuest are more than happy to help.


Make sure to book your tickets for family fun at SeaQuest Folsom, California today! Buy your SeaQuest Tickets here!

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