SeaQuest Folsom FAQs


If I purchased my annual passport before SeaQuest opens when is the start date?

All presale annual passports will start on the day the facility opens. The receipt will show a renewal date a year from the day you purchased, however all orders will be modified on the day we open. You will see the change reflected on your account. The annual passport will then be valid 364 days from the first day.


Will I receive my annual passport or single day passports in the mail?

SeaQuest orders are entirely paperless so you will not receive anything in the mail. Simply present the email confirmation or Order ID and a valid photo ID at admission.


Is my annual passport going to auto renew next year?

No, the renewal system is set up to send email reminders for you to renew the annual passport. We will not automatically charge your account.


Can I use my single day passports on another day from when I purchase?

Yes, single day passports can be used at anytime within one year from purchase date. All you’ll need when you visit is your email confirmation and a valid photo ID.


Do tokens expire?

No, tokens never expire. If you ordered a token package online make sure to redeem them by December 31st, 2018. Once you have the tokens they are good to use at any SeaQuest facility on any day.


Can I reschedule my snorkeling or birthday party reservation?

Yes, we would be happy to reschedule your reservation no less than 2 weeks from your scheduled event.


Can I get a refund on my purchase?

Single day admission passports, annual passports and tokens are non-refundable. Events and scheduled activities at SeaQuest are partially refundable. To view the full refunds and cancellation policy, please visit our website: https://visitseaquest.com/return-policy/


How can I contact SeaQuest if I have additional questions?

The Customer Service contact information for each of our locations is listed below:
SeaQuest Layton, UT:
Email: Office Manager, Laura,  laura.anderson@visitseaquest.com
SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada:
Email: Office Manager, Ashley,  ashley.johnson@visitseaquest.com
SeaQuest Fort Worth, Texas:
Email: Office Manager, Quanna, quanna.bowman@visitseaquest.com
SeaQuest Littleton, Colorado:
Email: Guest Services Manager, Harry, harry.vyhnanek@visitseaquest.com
SeaQuest Folsom, California:
Phone:  (916) 673-9972
SeaQuest Fort Lauderdale, Florida:
Phone:  (800) 484-9745

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