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From atop the jungle canopy to the rivers below, explore an immense collection of life from the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Experience animals that live in the rainforest trees like iguanas and species of large fish found in the Amazon River.
Observe tide pool creatures just like you would find on California’s Pacific coastline including crabs, snails, sea stars and more. You’ll also discover other cold water crustaceans from the world below the ocean’s surface.
Marvel at one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world, bioluminescence. 

Many of the creatures in this room glow under different spectrums of light. 

Explore an exciting collection of scorpions, coral and other kinds of glowing life.

Take a stroll down our coastal promenade and experience loads of interactive games, water tables and great photo possibilities.
The Mayan Jungle is home to one of our most popular attractions, the aviaries. Here you can make friends with flocks of brightly colored lorikeets and parakeets and even get a chance to feed them. You’ll also get to know their neighbors in fresh and saltwater aquarium.
Take a plunge into the deep and visit our shark exhibits. You’ll find several different species of sharks of various shapes and sizes. If you’re brave enough, you can even hand feed the sharks! These sharks are not dangerous and are well-adjusted to hand feedings.
Experience the dry desert climate and study the hieroglyphics on the wall of ancient ruins in our Egyptian Desert. You’re invited to feed the roaming sulcata tortoises, learn about large lizards or venture to where snakes are longer than you are tall.
Enjoy a tropical adventure as you view a wide variety of stingrays and exotic fish in The Caribbean Cove. You can even snorkel with the friendly stingrays. If you’re lucky you may even spot one of our resident mermaids!
All aboard mateys and explore the depths of a sunken pirate ship! You won’t find any doubloons on this ship, instead you’ll discover a treasure of colorful tropical fish. You might even encounter the notorious pirate Captain Quest on your deep water excursion!
Scale the Great Wall of China and enjoy the Asian themed architecture as you meet animals that come from northeastern Asia. Feed the koi fish, mandarin ducks and various species of turtles in the pond and meet the unique breed of chicken, called silkies
Cross the equator and visit the land down under! The Australian Outback is home to a wide array of fascinating animals each with its own adaptation to life in this harsh climate. Some of the reptiles you’ll meet include curious bearded dragons and thorny uromastyx lizards.
Venture to the frozen northern landscape of Iceland, home to many mystifying natural wonders like lava tubes and the northern lights. Learn about the different species of trout and sturgeon in our mixed-species exhibit, as well as blue crabs and cichlids.
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