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adopt, don't shop

Rescue a Friend for Life

We have built our company based on animal and environmental preservation. At SeaQuest, we care a great deal about our environment and the animals that call it home. Each year, millions of animals enter shelters around the world. This is why SeaQuest wants to encourage you to open your heart and adopt a companion animal […]

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Field trips for kids near you

School with the Fishes - Field Trips Near Me

All of us at SeaQuest would like to say THANK YOU for the time, energy, and sacrifice that you invest every day into educating, mentoring, and inspiring our kids. As a teacher, you give so much— so let us give you a field trip your students will always remember. SeaQuest places immense value on education, […]

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Birthday parties for kids near you.

Under the Sea: Kids Birthday Party Ideas at SeaQuest

Birthday parties are important memories for your children, these are the moments they will look back on forever. Planning your little one’s special day can be a total hassle. In today’s climate finding the right venue for your kid’s birthday party can be difficult. From planning to scheduling and everything in between— it can be […]

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Snorkel with stingrays near you.

The Best Snorkeling Experience of Your Life at SeaQuest

**Folsom SeaQuest location is waiting on state permission to open Grab your fins and your swimsuit to get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Experience snorkeling with various species of stingrays, coastal sharks, and hundreds of tropical fish at SeaQuest . No matter the weather, you will have the chance to interact with these […]

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Things more dangerous than shark attacks

Things More Dangerous Than Shark Attacks

A beach is a place for soaking up the sun and catching waves. It’s a site that brings happiness and relaxation. That is until a dreaded word is shared amongst beachgoers. Shark! For US citizens, shark attacks cause fear, panic, and anxiety. Movies like Jaws re-enforce this trepidation by using images of aggressive sharks attacking […]

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Types of sharks at SeaQuest

The Six Types of Shark That Call SeaQuest Home

Sharks are magnificent predators, and it’s easy to see why so many people are captivated by them. Keeping sharks in captivity can be a great way to raise awareness about some of the threats that sharks face every day.  Did you know there are no Great White Sharks in captivity in the entire world? It’s […]

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Shark populations are also declining due to bad fishing practices, so many countries have begun to place bans into effect to help defend them

The Sad Truth of Shark Finning

Sharks are the apex predator in oceans around the world. For many species of shark including tiger sharks, blue sharks, and mako sharks, they only have one predator - humans. Unfortunately, shark populations are struggling to survive because of the stress humans place on them. With their slow rate of reproduction, small litters, and how […]

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At SeaQuest, we have tons of amazing animals to see - like gorgeous fish

A Family Destination Sure To Please

Is your family bored at home? If so, it might just be time to set out an adventure! SeaQuest is the perfect destination. With fish, reptiles, mammals, and even amphibians, there’s a creature here that’s sure to fascinate everyone.   Family Outings With Toddlers Going on a family outing with a toddler can be a […]

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A jelly with a white translucent bell and four horseshoe-shaped pink or purple circles is likely a Moon Jellyfish!

The Magical Moon Jellyfish

Jellyfish are difficult to tell apart, so if you come across a jellyfish at the beach or at SeaQuest , it can be difficult to know what kind of jellyfish you’re looking at! If you see a jelly with a white translucent bell and four horseshoe-shaped pink or purple circles, you’ve likely found a Moon […]

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Kids love interacting with the stingrays at SeaQuest because it’s always a blast

Searching for Aquariums Near Me?

If you’re on the hunt for some family fun, an aquarium might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend some time with the family or a chance for you to learn all about wildlife and the ocean, we’ve got you covered at SeaQuest .    Fish, Mammals, […]

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