The SeaQuest

SeaQuest brings the majestic wonders of our planet, ranging from rainforests and deserts to exotic marine life. These exhibits create an exciting quest for visitors as they make their way through an Icelandic Fishing Village, the Great Wall of China, to the Amazon River and beyond. Guests are encouraged to connect with animals and learn about their ecosystems through various hands-on activities which include hand feeding sharks, stingrays, birds and tropical animals.
Anyone in search of a more daring experience can enjoy walk-in aviaries, coming face to face with crocodilians by feeding caiman, or snorkeling in the premier 36,000-gallon exhibit filled with reef sharks, stingrays and hundreds of tropical fish. SeaQuest offers a private event venue ideal for school field trips, birthday parties, and private events.
Kid With Sloth

SeaQuest Cares

SeaQuest Cares partners with organizations and local nonprofits that uphold our commitment to support children’s programs, including those that provide better homes for children through foster parent programs, benefit children who are ill or who have disabilities, as well as offering discounted field trips for Title 1 schools. 

SeaQuest is grateful to be actively involved in both preserving and saving the lives of many animals that would otherwise not survive in the wild, rehabilitating injured animals, and even acting as an exotic pet rescue for animals such as parakeets and iguanas that need rehoming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I adventure with SeaQuest?

SeaQuest offers different ticket packages, or as we call them, Passports! You can purchase Daily or Annual Passports online or at a SeaQuest adventure site near you. Passports are interchangeable with all locations.

Can I Feed the Animals?

Our animal friends at SeaQuest eat a carefully monitored diet, but often leave room for dessert! That is where you come in. Upon arrival, you have the opportunity to purchase feeding tokens. These tokens can be used in many vending machines to buy snacks for certain animals throughout your experience.

Will I just see fish?

Definitely not! At SeaQuest, you will see animals from land to sea, and everything in between! SeaQuest is home to over 1200 animals of 300 different species. Each SeaQuest location has different animals that may change from time to time. Expect to see stingrays, sharks, turtles, snakes, lizards, and birds.

How should I pack for this trip?

Just like any adventure, be prepared for some animal droppings and light splashing. Our bird friends are known to make friends and sit on your head, shoulders, arms, legs, and even jump near your shoes. Since you can touch our under the sea friends as well, you may get a bit wet from some light splashing. (But don’t worry--they are just saying hello!)

How can I be kind to the animals?

We are so happy to share the SeaQuest experience with all of our visitors! To ensure the best care and environment for our animal family at SeaQuest, we ask that you:
- Listen to the SeaQuest team members for instructions.
- When petting our animal friends, use a “two-finger touch” to pet from the neck down the animal’s back.
- Be patient with the animals’ schedules. All of our mammals have access to their own private space away from guests. If an animal is not visible, they are probably taking a quiet nap!
- Remember that SeaQuest is the home of our animals. We are all guests in their homes. They appreciate our respect and curiosity!
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